Tuesday, February 28, 2006

CASW Presentation 4, Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
Presenter: Mr. Balakrishnan V.P.
Facilitator: Miss Vijaya Rajeshwari

Context of the work discussed:

Subject: Art and Design
Course: A Level Cambridge, Paper 2, Component 3: Course Work
What exactly needs to be tuned: Course Selection

KEY QUESTIONS: Three key questions were asked:

1) How to schedule and plan the sessions (practical work) when the locations are outside the school (eg. Lal Bagh botanical Gardens or a view of the Hebbal Lake) or outside the city (eg. Mahabalipuram or Hampi)?
2) How to facilitate learning in such a situation?
3) How to ensure completion of the painting as per the schedule (even when it is unmonitored)?

The following suggestions were made by the participants and incorporated by the presenter at the CASW meeting:

The following suggestions were made in respect of the first question:

* Plan and organize sessions in a way that they coincide with long vacations or holidays, such as the Christmas vacation, Dussera vacation, etc.
* We could also consider the possibility of using weekends and the DOD weeks (if approved by the school management), to plan long sessions outside the city.
* Plan it out meticulously and much in advance, incorporate it in the Year Plan, and give a copy of the year plan to all students so that they know about the 'Break-Up' of work regarding the course work through the academic year, with clear cut deadlines and targets to be achieved in specific time frame. This will give the students a sense of direction and help them in managing their time well.

The following suggestions were made in respect of the second question:

* The physical proximity of the teacher for consultation is extremely important to facilitate learning. However, in the absence of the teacher, learning can be facilitated by way of using technology. Students can update the teacher with the current progress/status of their work through the phone, using the digicam or scaning the pictures and uploading the information on the internet, e-mailing, faxing, etc.
* Students can be given self-assessment forms that they can use to assess their own work or peer-work on a regular basis, and share it with the teacher.
* Because the students are given the option of researching and selecting their own choice of work, learning is sure to take place.

The following suggestions were made in respect of the third question:

* For the completion of the course work as per the schedule, it is important that the course work is planned very meticulously and in detail, and more importantly is shared with teh students. if unmonitored by the teacher, students should be given the course work plan with details of clearcut instructions regarding the learning objectives, assessment criteria, etc.
* The teacher could plan and organize an exhibition of students' paintings for the school.
* Show to students earlier benchmarks of student work; show them movies, narate stories, etc. to motivate them to complete the coursework in time and with sincerity.

Feedback By Participants On The CASW Meeting:

* The presenter should plan and organize materials meticulously and make enough copies of handouts for all participants.
* The Facilitator should be firm in not letting the discussion move away from the area of focus.
* The participants should read the Guidelines Handout regarding the break-up of the discussion into various parts and the time alloted for each part before coming for the meeting, for smooth execution of the discussion.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CASW Presentation 3, Thursday, February 2, 2006
Presenter: Mr. Joel
Facilitator: Ms. Kini

Context Of The Work Discussed: Standard 7 and 8 students' reflections on athletics through informal conversations with the teacher and self-assessment exercise.

Key Questions: Two key questions were asked:

* Why do students have immense interest in playing football and basketball?
* What can be done to create an equal interest in athletics?

The following suggestions were made by the participants and incorporated by the presenter at the CASW meeting:

The following reasons were articulated in respect of the first quetion:

* The students in Aditi are greatly influenced by the West/Europe, where the two sports are immensely popular. These being globally popular sports, have greater viewership and are easily accessible to all and sundry by means of media(print and electronic), internet, etc. As a result, many students have their rolemodels in many of the football and basketball players.
* Athletics was introduced in school two years ago, as a result of which students have not had much exposure to it and lack knowledge of the same.
* Football and basketball are sports that involve teamwork. there could be a possibility that students like playing sports that involve teamwork as they can collectively play and interact with their peers, than playing games where they play by themselves.

The following suggestions were made in respect of the second question:

* The Physical Education Department should organize competitive tournaments on a more frequent basis and give the students a target to work towards. In order to prepare the students for such tournaments, they should be engaged in more after-school practice sessions.
* Pass on to students interesting facts about the various facts about athletics and also show them movies based on it.
* Bring in rolemodels (well known/popular sports personalities) to speak to them.
* Help the students in exploring all athletics games, but give them the choice to play what they like.
* To adopt an inter-disciplinary approach by way of facilitating linkages between athletics and other subjects like physics, biology, etc.